Connecting the Dots

My name is Earl Parson. I’m an architect, entrepreneur, and writer. I created this page to serve as a hub for my different ventures. Thanks for stopping by.

In the world, there is an infinite quantity of observable stuff surrounding anyone at any given moment. Choosing where to focus one’s attention is an art. Connecting of dots and drawing of conclusions naturally follows.

Henry Ford is often quoted as saying, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Facts are facts, but it’s also true that which ones a person chooses to focus on, and what an individual does with the available facts — how he or she connects the dots — is quite another matter.

The same dots that are connected by one person to form a beautiful picture can be connected by someone else to form an ugly scribble.

I don’t deny that bad and ugly things are going on in the world all the time. There are ample sources and outlets available that can keep you abreast of those things. I’m also more convinced than ever that the world needs more people connecting the dots in a way that reveals the good and beautiful things, and sharing what they’ve created.

You can find my work at the following sites:

Parson Architecture is where I do my productive work, transforming peoples’ lives by improving the way they live. There you will find my home designs, both renovations and new construction. You can get project updates at

Clever Moderns, my latest entrepreneurial venture, is an online platform providing plans, resources, and empowerment for DIY homebuilders.

Creatures of Prometheus is the blog I started in 2010. For the first several years it was my only blogging outlet, and it was a catch-all for everything from writing about buildings I had visited or great architects I admired, to updates about my work, or personal observations. Moving forward (as I write this in early 2016) I am reviving it as a way to separate my writing about other architects and the world around me from my Parson Architecture work.

I invite you to join me on my journey.